Jungle Habitat


Jungle Habitat – West Milford, NJ Trail System

Enjoy mountain biking & hiking on our extensive trails!


Event Schedule                                                                 View Larger Map


Popular Trails:

  1. Animal *Shute*
    Animal *Shute* (blazed red) is an intermediate trail (we are working making this trail more beginner friendly now) and is designed to get you from the current parking area to the old 80 acre upper parking lot and to trails such as Warthog and Otter Slide.To get to Animal Shute, go through fence chicane, and make left into open fence after about 100 feet. If you go immediately right, this is “upper” Shute and takes you to trails like Warthog and Otter Slide. A left turn is Lower Shute and this exits onto Safari 2 where you can take Dumptruck Climb up to Dumptruck Loop or Fish (uphill). Loweer Shute is usually the return trail after you ride Fish or Dumptrack and you’re heading back to the car. Upper Shute is usually the first trail you hit.
  2. Boon
    Boon is an advanced trail featuring technical rock sections. Starting at Baboon Rock, Boon roughly parallels Fish terminating on the power line. Be sure to hit Dave’s Rock for a challenge. In the downhill direction hit the rock across the trail right after the steep rock roller. The advanced line is straight across. An easier line is along the spine. Have fun.
  3. Cages
    Cages (blazed Orange) is tight twisty intermediate single track that connects up Otter Slide/Rhino past the tanks then dumps you onto the road across from the entrance into Tiger Pen. You can get to this trail by climbing Otter Slide, left turn onto Tanks thru the fence cut, past animal case and enter singe track on opposite side of double track.Cages gets it name from the old animal cages scattered about the area.
  4. Hippo
    Hippo (blazed Yellow) is an intermediate trail that features 3-4 advanced features and an advanced climb.
  5. Dumptruck Hill Loop
    Dumptruck Hill (blazed Yellow) is an intermediate trail that is open and flowing and features a few challenging rock features. Dumptruck Hill Loop is currently closed due to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline construction but its expected to be re-opened Fall 2011.
  6. Goat
    This is intermediate/advanced trail featuring super narrow, tight, technical single track with some advanced rock features. Goat can be found at the intersection of Fish, Tiger and Goat. Exiting Tiger facing north, Goat is a hard left in the downhill direction, while Fish is a slight right going north.
  7. Otter Slide
    Otter Slide (blazed Orange) is an intermediate singe-track climb (or decent) connecting Warthog and the pedestrian area up to the upper trails (Tiger, Fish, etc).You can get to Otter Slide by either climbing the asphalt up to the old 80 acre parking lot and riding around the perimeter of the lot to the left and entering the tunnels, then a right and follow uphill until you see an old petting zoo enclosure with a white blaze. This is Warthog. Otter Slide is another 200 feet on the right past Warthog and is blazed Orange.
  8. Tiger Pen
    Tiger Pen (blazed Orange) is be an intermediate open and flowing trail featuring rocks, roots and some tight trees.You can get to Tiger Pen by taking Upper Shute from the car, then either climbing up Otter Slide, to Tanks, to Cages (Tiger will be straight ahead at the exit of Cages) or climbing the outer safari road (Safari 2) to the summit and keep an eye out for the exit of Cages on right and entrance to Tiger on left. If you rode past the Tiger Pen, you missed it.
  9. Fish
    Fish (blazed Orange) is an intermediate/advanced trail featuring rock spines and bar-width tight trees. This trail is fun up or down, although a bit of base-line fitness is required to clean this climb. To ride downhill, good brakes and finesse are required.You can get to this trail by climbing the Dumptruck Climb and making a left into a rhododendron stand. This is the uphill direction. Or you can climb Upper Shute, to Otter, to Tanks, to Cages, to Tiger to Fish (when you exit Tiger Pen it will bring you to the start of Fish near the Baboon Pen).Full Name: So Long and Thanks For All The Fish a name coined by one of our local trail building curmudgeons.
  10. Warthog
    Warthog (White blaze) is an intermediate single track trail, mostly open and flowing but with some challenging, somewhat-advanced rock gardens and a few tight technical turns. However, there are sections of Warthog that are quite beginner friendly but they are difficult to link up without some knowledge of the park. We hope to improve this with some better signage and maps so that energetic beginners can climb Shute and ride the friendlier sections of Warthog only and have a good ride.


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